Would you like to attend Media Honeypot on 15th February of 2018 as a volunteer? We are looking for great people to help us out at the amazing world of events and startups. We want to give all the knowledge and experience we have. We are organizing our 3rd Media Honeypot event on 15th February 2018, and we need YOUR help to make the event a success! Please apply before 12th February of 2018.
Your full name

Email address

Phone number


Because we have alcohol at our (awesome) after party we need to know you are over 18.
What do you wanna learn during your volunteering at Media Honeypot? Jokes? Networking? How to fly?

Please notice that the event start at morning therefore please make sure you are free for the whole day of the event (15th of Feb 2018).

Which team would you prefer to be part of?

Multiple options are possible. If the team you have chosen is full, another team will be designated to you.

Do you have a drivers license and are you okay with driving a van?

You will be crowned King Of The Van if you will drive the van.

Have you been part of any event before? If yes, which event and what kind of tasks did you have?

Any special skills? (If you are from LAMK, tell it here)

What languages do you speak?

If you enjoy working on events and you are not yet a member of our amazing volunteer program, would you be interested to be part of it? *

In return for being part of the volunteer program you will get: first access to our volunteer positions, Sales workshop, Event Hacking presentation, Match Making workshop, How to network your way into a startup workshop.

Thank you for filling in the form! We will send you all the info on if you are chosen, how, where and when, once we have checked through all the applications. Check out mediahoneypot.com to learn about the speakers and the program. Thank you, you are awesome!!
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