"Helping To Build Communities With Uncapped Opportunities." 

This is your chance to show us who you are. Make some tea, pre-warm your chair, gather your thoughts. We take your answers very seriously.
Remember to read the questions carefully, take your time and to give real life examples with enough details for us to understand who you are. Don't hold back (we won't ask for your CV by the end).

However if you feel like you can better 'show' us that you are the right match for us then do. Think outside of the box and take initiative!!
Shows us your brilliance, your crazy side, your intelligence and your ambition.

Ready to join us?
What role do you think fits you best? *

So let's see about those sales skills:

What makes sales tick? What is the most important thing about sales? *

Explain your sales process to us: *

What is the right thing to do when the customer says they are not interested after the first meeting? *

If you have any previous sales or business development experience, please share it here:

Media and content are at the heart of ArcticStartup. How can you help us make that even more true?

Give us examples of your favourite online articles. Explain why: *

What would you look for in order to create engaging content? *

Future. We want to know where it will take us. What do you think is the future of media? *

If you have published any articles or blog posts, please provide us with a link:

We love our interns and volunteers and we try our best to make your time with us worth your while. Hopefully ending with a full-time position.

What do you think you can help us out the most with? *

What are your strong points, personally and professionally?

Tell us about your dream-case career advancement scenario in the next five years: *

What can we help you out with the most in this internship/volunteering position? *

If you have any relevant experience, this is where you tell us about it:

This is definitely not required and it is just a way to get to know you better. You can use this field to just tell us more about yourself, if you want.
So you want to be in the events business, let's see what you got:

What makes events tick? Tell us what do you think is the most important thing about organizing events? *

How can you improve or influence event experience the most?​ *

If you have any experience with events, this is where you tell us about it: *

We are always looking for talented people, let's see what you got.

Which are the tasks you would like to focus on in the next six-to-twelve months? Why? *

What is the hardest problem you have ever solved (really hard) or your biggest achievement to date? Explain it in a way so that you show that you used will power. Either personal or professional is fine. *

Think of something complicated that you understand very well. Now, explain it to us in clear steps so that anyone would understand. *

What languages do you speak?

What do you read? Professionally or in your spare time. Be honest. *

Please describe your personality in one sentence: *

What kind of humor do you enjoy? *

What is your IQ? *

Based on a test or to the best of your or your friends ability to estimate.
From what location would you be working for us?

How did you find out about ArcticStartup?

Thank you for your application. Hope we were not too harsh with the questions.

Your application is on-record and we will get back to you if you got through to the next stage.
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