Startup Application. Deadline: 9th of March.
Please enter your information below, keep it concise and distinct. Focus on what you can offer to a media company and their business related challenges, even if you have other services available.

It may take between 10-30 minutes to fill in all answers. Deadline for all applications is 9.3.2016 but we will read through all applications which arrive until the 75 slots are taken. We have received a lot more applications than slots for the free tickets but each startup will be able to purchaise a ticket.
Please follow our event page and see which media companies are present.

Selected startups will each receive one free ticket to the event as well as access to our matchmaking platform.
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Please use a descriptive sentance and not a marketing one. If you do not already have one, feel free to use this formula: "(Company name), is developing (a defined offering) to help (a defined audience) (solve a problem) with (secret sauce)”.
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What challenge/need does your solution address? *

How do you know people need your product/service and why is it unique? *

If you have traction or revenue, please give us the numbers. Both in terms of growth and actual user numbers. Also mention what solutions people resort to as an alternative (if they are not using yours yet).
Describe your business model and how you are planning to scale: *

What type of media companies would you like to work with, how would they benefit? *

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This is not limited to just Europe alone and will not be displayed on your matchmaking profile. Please list them in order of preference.
If you are looking for an investment, what stage are you in?

What is the break-down of company ownership at the moment and who are your investors?

If this information is not public, feel free not to provide all the information. However it helps us to better match you with corporates and investors.
Please upload your pitch-deck or a company presentation here:

This will be shared with investors and corporate executives before the event.
If you cannot upload it, please send to janina@arcticstartup.com.
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The information provided by you will be shared with our media executive attendees, judges, potential investors at the event. It will also be added to the ArcticStartup database of startups and we may contact you in the future with relevant information.
Thank you for your application. The participants will be selected on the 10th of March 2016.

You can now also apply to our Arctic15 Pitching Competition below. More information: www.arctic15.com
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