Application for discounted startup ticket
To apply for discounted startup tickets for you and your team please enter your information below.
Keep it concise and distinct. Focus on what you can offer to a media company and their business-related challenges, even if you have other services available.

It may take about 20 minutes to fill in all answers.
Our decision is based on your input. At  least TWO of the following are mandatory:

60 SEC VIDEO to promote your solution
INVESTOR DECK (max 10 slides)
ONE PAGER (sales pitch)

All successful startups/scaleups will receive the ticket link to purchase discounted tickets at 150€ (incl 21% VAT) per team member and get access to our Deal Room matchmaking tool to set up meetings prior to the event.
The general startup ticket costs 350€ incl VAT and will be available to purchase after the jury has chosen 75 cases.

Application Deadline to pitch on stage is 17.8.2017
If you only want to apply for discounted tickets the closing date is 9.9.2017
We will inform you as soon as possible after you send your application.
Company Name: *

Company Website:

Your LinkedIn/XING profile.

Your personal name: *

The person that applies for its company at IBC Startup Forum – Media Honeypot
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Needed for fast feedback and on-site communication.
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Where the company is registered.


Do you want to participate in the Pitching Competition?
Media Honeypot programme includes a pitching session where out of all qualified startups 21 will pitch on stage to the audience.
We will inform you separately about timing and set up. You can opt out any time.
Pitch 3min + 2min Q&A
Morning Session: selected startups pitch one to one to industry experts (3min pitch + 7min feedback and discussion)
Afternoon Session: the jury selected five best pitches to pitch on stage to the audience. The winner receives a cash prize.
Please upload your 60 sec pitch video.

Not mandatory but videos work well.
Tell us what you offer to media companies and how your solution/product will grow their business. This can also be your sales or product video which you use on Facebook for example.
Please name it in following format: Company name_video
Please upload your pitch-deck or a company presentation here (mandatory).
Keep is precise, this is a sales pitch addressed to Media Executives or Investors.
*What makes your team unique?
*Describe your solution and what challenge/need does your solution address.
*How do you know people need your product/service and why is it unique?
*If you have traction or revenue, please give us the numbers. Both in terms of growth and actual user numbers. 
*Describe your business model and how you are planning to scale.

This will be shared with investors and corporate executives before the event.
If you cannot upload it, please send to
Please name it in following format: Company name_PitchDeck
Please upload your onepager sales presentation.

Please name it in following format: Company name_OnePager
Stage of your company: *

Not needed if you have this information in your company presentation

Turnover for 2015/2016 & 2017 est. in EUR:

Not needed if you have this information in your company presentation.
Describe your solution in a one-liner:

Not needed if you have this information in your company presentation.

Please use a descriptive sentence and not a marketing one. If you do not already have one, feel free to use this formula: "(Company name), is developing (a defined offering) to help (a defined audience) (solve a problem) with (secret sauce)”.
What category does your solution fall into? *

Categories help other attendees find matching contacts in the matchmaking tool.

Describe your business model and how you are planning to scale:

Not needed if you have this information in your company presentation.
What type of media companies would you like to work with, how would they benefit? *

Your wishlist. Which are the top ten media companies that you would like to work with?

This is not limited to just Europe alone and will not be displayed on your matchmaking profile. Please list them in order of preference.
If you are looking for an investment, what stage are you in?

Not needed if you have this information in your company presentation.

What is the break-down of company ownership at the moment and who are your investors?

If this information is not public, feel free not to provide all the information. However it helps us to better match you with corporates and investors.
I accept that our information will be shared with relevant parties. *

The information provided by you will be shared with our judges, media executive attendees and potential investors at the event. It will also be added to the ArcticStartup database of startups and we may contact you in the future with relevant information.
Your uploaded files will not be added to the matchmaking tool.
The very last question for now.
How did you find out about us?

17 September 2017

Thank you for your application! The participants will be selected and we start informing after 1st of July 2017.
We will try to be as fast as possible that you can plan your logistics.

If you did not receive a confirmation email send a request to to confirm your application.

Follow the event page for updates on participating partners and media companies.
Media Honeypot
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